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Make Learning & Development effective and scalable

Master skills that drive performance with AI-powered immersive video simulations

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RETORIO artificial intelligence and machine learning behavioral intelligence Soft skills4-1-1

Training that actually works. Prepare your people for what really matters.

With immersive video role-plays, have your people practice today what they face on the job tomorrow. Build self-awareness & confidence and initiate a winning streak!

Retorio Training and Development

Offer personalized learning paths with immediate feedback!

Behavioral intelligence offers data-driven, personalized feedback on behaviors that drive success. Leverage behavioral research to cue meaningful behavior change. Get in-depth feedback on facial expression, gesture, voice, and language!

Retorio's Learning and development dashboard shows Employees performance

Create a training in minutes, not weeks, & roll it out across markets!

There is no easier way to offer personalized learning at scale. Set-up new training programs in minutes, measure & maximize the ROI of your existing learning content, and create personalized learning paths for each participant.

Retorio dashboard showing training programs

Your ticket to higher engagement & completion rates!

No learning without fun. Create impactful, job-relevant training with over 90% acceptance amongst participants.

Retorio dashboard showing user's engagement and completion rates

On-demand learning in a psychological safe space

Offer on-demand 5-10 minute training sessions that can be accessed between meetings on any type of device. Reduce opportunity cost.

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Effective training with highest user engagement

Let AI maximize your team’s potential.

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Set-up training programs in minutes - not weeks. And ensure training quality across markets!

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A global logistic company uses Behavioral Intelligence to scale personalized learning

For global logistics company, ‘service quality’ is the key differentiator for winning within logistics. Ensuring global quality is about considering customer touchpoints, but also the customer end-to-end journey. This is where immersive learning that evokes or replicates substantial aspects of the real world in a fully interactive environment became a game changer in training the necessary soft-skills.

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3 easy ways to create learning content, to roll-out across markets

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Plug in your existing training content

Create personalized learning paths for each participant, globally.

Screens of training courses
Use our training library

We have complimentary training content and also work with partners to create customized training for your needs.

Ai powered technology overview
Create AI-powered training content
Within hours.

Implement Learning & Development that employees actually use.

Boost your Sales Training, Executive Coaching, Service Training, Apprenticeship Training & more.

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A platform your talents actually use

"At rpc, we're using Retorio to run AI-powered training programs for large enterprise clients. It enables us to up-skill top talent sustainably, globally, and at lower costs through on-demand training scenarios with immediate and personalized feedback."

Group 32869
Christoph KunzFounding Partner and President at rpc

“With Retorio we identified behaviors & traits that drive success in our sales team. This enabled us to hire salespeople from adjacent industries to much lower labor costs thanks to Retorio”

Group 32780
Mark GrayHead of Hiring at Invisible Technologies

“We use Retorio to analyze our customer support candidates across all HAPPYCAR countries. It helps us save up to 78% of the screening effort and we can get in touch with the best candidates faster than our competitors.”

Group 32774-1
Dr. Christian TheurerCOO at Happycar

“At Kafué, we use Retorio to hire for CIO positions. The in-depth insights helped us to detect non-fitting candidates with high accuracy”

Group 32777
Tim CookPartner at Kafué


We’re committed to ensuring the security and protection of the personal information that we process. We provide a GDPR-compliant and consistent approach to our data protection and only work with certified partners.

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What is a Behavioural Intelligence Platform?

A behavioral intelligence platform allows you to understand employees on a deeper level; it makes it possible to anticipate individual needs and talents, and helps to respond in a way that drives action and engagement across different channels. On Retorio's behavioral intelligence platform, people have the ability to analyze a person’s behavior, spot behavioral patterns that drive success, and hire the right match for their teams. In addition to help you to train a person's behavior and develop people into top-performers, people also get to know more about their own personality traits. By becoming aware of personality traits would make candidates thrive or struggle within a work environment, your organization can become the next optimal customer-facing team.

How does Retorio prevent bias?

We ensure that Retorio does not discriminate against people based on their ethnicity, age, gender, religion or culture. We do so by checking the estimates in our datasets for possible systematic biases (e.g., discrimination). "Algorithm-based differentiations become discriminations in particular if they constitute an unjustified disadvantage of persons characterized by protected characteristics (in particular age, gender, ethnic origin, religion, sexual orientation, or disability)" (Source: German Federal Anti-Discrimination Agency) Retorio ensures that only factors that are within the applicant's control are included in the results. We regularly test our models against large, scientifically sound datasets, such as UCLA's Fairface dataset, which contains approximately 100,000 individuals from different cultures, age groups, etc. Our results show that Retorio assesses applicants regardless of their skin color, gender, or age. We publish our results transparently and work with leading research institutions to validate our findings.

How can you train people in a remote setting? (Science behind it)

Training in a remote setting can have its fair share of challenges, hence why AI-driven technologies can enhance our daily tasks and make them easier and more entertaining for us. It enables you to acquire insights into a learning experience that will help close skill gaps, and proactively support learners. By implementing AI into your training programs, it provides a more personalized learning experience that supports sustainable trainings which can take place worldwide. From soft skill training to improving learning and development skills, AI allows its users to practice skills that will enhance their work productivity. Moreover, a happy, and motivated working team is the key to cultivating a healthy training environment that allows employees to be easily receptive to new information and ideas.

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