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Frame 220Personality Assessment

Measure personality

Personality is one of the main predictors of team and culture fit. Within minutes, you will gain a clear snapshot of how a person integrates into your organization.

Scale your intuition

You are good at judging people? Well, even you can't lead thousands of interviews in parallel. Retorio enables you to scale your own intuition through AI and avoid biases.

Analyze actual behavior

We believe that success is all about actions, rather than thoughts. Accordinlgy, Retorio derives personality through a behavioral assessment rather than self-perception.

Combine science & AI

Retorio analyzes behavioral cues based on the scientifically-validated, Big 5-Personality Model, the most extensively researched model in psychology.

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We trust in observation rather than self-ratings

Most personality tests rely on lengthy questionnaires. Retorio measures personality in terms of observed behavior rather than self-ratings. Scientific research shows that, in a workplace context, observer ratings tend to have an incremental predictive validity over self-reporting (Mount et al., 1994; Oh et al., 2011).





Analyze behavior rather than self-perception

With Retorio's AI-based personality assessment you find out how a person behaves and what personality she expresses through her behavior. Retorio simulates how other people will perceive the person.



Video Interview Invitiation


A video reveals more than a thousand words

One minute of video reveals a lifetime of opportunity and provides plenty of data for our AI to work with. Retorio's behavioral assessment considers all important aspects of behavior and communication incl. language, voice and facial expression to derive a scientifically valid Big 5 personality profile.



Video Interview Retorio



Work with the gold standard of personality research: The Big 5

Retorio's personality asssessment analyzes behavioral cues based on the scientifically-validated Big 5 Personality Model. (also known as Five-Factor or OCEAN Model). The Big 5 include the dimensions:

  • Openness to novelty
  • Conscientiousness
  • Extraversion
  • Agreeableness
  • Neuroticism

The Big 5 factors form are central to many established personality assessments (e.g. Hogan, MBTI, etc.). In contrast to most other personality models, they have been researched for over 50 years in various work contexts where they are predictive of various factors, incl. performance, culture fit, and retention. Our Big 5 personality assessment consistently scores over 90% accuracy.


Expect deeper and more thoughtful talent insights

We do not just analyze personality - we put it into context. Retorio's personality assessment matches personalities with your open positions and corporate culture. Expect data-driven recommendations and in-depth reports that will help you make well-informed and debiased talent decisions. (5)


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