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With Retorio you can assess your personality and increase your sales with personalized AI-based training. Our science-backed training algorithm analyses your personality and communication behavior based on video data. It gives you instant feedback and allows you to practice in a safe environment.

Get 24/7 Feedback
Retorio gives you immediate feedback on the impression you make on others. Receive it whenever you want and practice in your private environment.
Boost your skills
Retorio helps you to track your performance over time and ensures a sustainable training approach. The more often you use us, the better you get.
Close more deals
Retorio helps you to send optimized messages to your clients. Make a more personalized impression and create trust, which helps you to close more deals.
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Integrates with your favorite CRM tools
Retorio can be used either as a stand-alone SaaS tool or integrated into your existing workflow within your CRM system.

How it works

How you can become a better sales communicator in 3 steps


Step 1: Get immediate feedback via video recording 

Record a video with Retorio and see get almost instant feedback on how you will come across towards other people. Practice in a safe environment where you feel comfortable.

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Step 2: Detailed results of your performance

Get in-depth insights about your personality and soft-skills. See in detail where to improve. In addition, benefit from recommendations on how to improve your appearance towards others.

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Step 3: Close more deals

Compare your results over time to see, which messages have worked best for different clients. Learn to send tailored messages to your prospects and close more deals.

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Video InMail

Send your best video in an InMail to your clients and improve your conversion rate.

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