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The Science behind Retorio



Scientific foundation

Our work is based on empirical and scientifically-validated research.

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Retorio Big 5 Framework



Big Five Personality Traits

The Big5 or Five-Factor model shows how individual characteristics of thoughts, emotions, and behaviour can be mapped in a taxonomy.

As one of the most researched personality taxonomies, it's regarded as the most reliable and valid predictor of job performance, job satisfaction etc.

Combined with our AI, we leverage more than 70 years of personality research to support companies to find the right talent fit.

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Organizational Culture

Organizational culture reflects behavioural patterns and attitudes lived through members of an organization (e.g., individuals, groups, teams, etc.)

One of the most dominant and well researched taxonomies to assess culture differentiates between 7 facets. Each facet depends on an individual's personality, which then influences their job satisfaction.

With Retorio, learn to which degree a person matches your culture.

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Retorio - Science - Org Culture





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Task Fit

Scientific analysis of over 200 distinct jobs have shown that job tasks can be categorized along 5 dimensions: Task Variety, Social Relations, Dealing With Others, Autonomy, and Task Identity

Each dimension poses a different effect on a person's motivation within a job. 

We provide insights about their personality and the job tasks match, giving better understanding how candidates are motivated by a position's requirements.

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The scientific research behind Retorio has been done at the faculties for psychology and computer sciences at TUM university in Munich.
Prof. Dr. Isabell M. Welpe
Professor for Strategy and Organization | TUM