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Scientific Background

Everything we do is based on empirical and scientificially validated research

Big Five Personality Traits

More than 70 years ago, scientific research has begun to systematically study how individual characteristics of thoughts, emotions, and behaviour can be mapped in a taxonomy.

As a result, the Big5 or Five-Factor model has emerged.

It’s one of the most researched personality taxonomies and has been shown to be a reliable and valid predictor of job attitudes, job performance, etc.

The research of more than 70 years on personality is incorporated in our technology to help you better understand future talent.

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Organizational Culture

Organizational culture reflects behavioural patterns and attitudes lived through members of an organization (e.g., individuals, groups, teams, etc.)

One of the most dominant and well researched taxonomies to assess culture within a company is developed by Charles A. O'Reilly, Jennifer Chatman, and David F. Caldwell.

They differentiate between 7 facets, where each of them is more or less appealing depending on one’s personality, which in turn drives their job satisfaction or commitment.

Now, you can find out to which degree a person matches your culture.

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Task Fit

Scientific analyses of over 200 distinct jobs have shown that job tasks can be categorized along 5 dimensions.

Moreover, each of those dimensions have different effects on people’s motivation within a job in dependence of their personality.

Our recommendations are based on multiple research streams such as Murray A. Barrick, Frederick P. Morgeson and Stephen E. Humphrey, and Henry P. Sims and colleagues, and John L. Holland.

To better understand how well future candidates will be motivated by your job requirements, we provide you insights about their personality and the job tasks match.

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