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7 min read

Why AI is the Secret Weapon for Learning and Development (L&D)

By Briah on May 6, 2022 3:59:53 PM

While the world witnesses a digital revolution, and not to mention, a pandemic that has changed the global working environment as we knew it, learning and development (L&D) is constantly evolving, adapting to persistent uncertainty.

Topics: Artificial Intelligence
3 min read

AI-Tech Events: Upcoming in May 2022

By Briah on Apr 25, 2022 11:52:51 PM

After an 18 month interlude of in-person events action, Retorio’s event pipeline is returning to its pre-pandemic glory - and for good reason.

Despite market disruptions and unprecedented global events, the adoption of artificial intelligence (AI) has been continuing to develop and is seeing a steady rise, even behind closed doors. As restrictions loosen, organizations in the tech scene globally are gearing up to showcase to the world the latest solutions, methodologies, and industry knowledge.

Topics: Events
8 min read

Hiring Post-COVID: 4 Tips to Successful Hiring Post-COVID

By Briah on Mar 22, 2022 7:22:54 PM

Economies around the world are coming up for air as sanctions and lockdowns have been loosened and vaccine roll-outs continue. People are getting ready to shear off their pandemic grown locks and dust off their suits as offices begin to open their doors back up.

But the recovery hasn't quite been even, and the long term effects are certainly being felt.

Human resource management teams and hiring experts around the world have scrambled to adjust to new norms after experiencing the most significant driving force for change in the past few decades. Millions of jobs have been lost, yet recruiters are still struggling to fill open positions with the right employees. In fact, a recent jobs report from the U.S. suggested a loss of momentum in the pandemic recovery — the economy added just 266,000 jobs in April, a quarter of what was expected. In nations where inequality and job opportunities were already scarce, such as Latin America and the Caribbean, the pandemic has underscored the pre-existing inequalities in the region, where the most vulnerable and poorest groups have been disproportionately affected.

Despite the recent job gains, the U.S. labour market is still 6.8 million jobs short of pre-pandemic levels.

So how can companies adjust to post-pandemic ways in terms of the recruitment process? How can recruiters widen their applicant pool and hire the right matches for the company's culture?

Topics: Artificial Intelligence AI Video Recruiting Candidate Experience
5 min read

What is Soft Skill Training and Why is it so Essential?

By Briah on Mar 11, 2022 5:30:59 PM

With the introduction of new technologies and innovation, the business landscape is seeing a skill shift. The way work gets done is evolving rapidly, and in parallel, employers are no longer looking for the same capabilities from employees as they did years ago. 

Topics: Artificial Intelligence AI Video Recruiting Pre-Employment Testing
5 min read

High Volume Hiring With AI: A 2022 Guide

By Briah on Mar 3, 2022 1:50:31 PM

With the pandemic suspending much of the normal activity and making millions stay at home over the last two years, the disrupted labour market meant companies lost revenue, and of course, to make matters worse, employees were no longer needed and were cut loose. Those who were fortunate enough to stay with their jobs had to quickly transition to new hybrid work models to limit the spread of the virus. But new figures reveal that a broad recovery led by enhanced productivity and innovation is imminent, and a post-lockdown job boom is indeed underway. In fact, hiring teams are seeing a spike in qualified candidates who are hungry for new jobs and opportunities as labour demand picks up.

Luckily for the hiring managers and talent acquisition leaders who are getting swarmed with job seekers, the pandemic and the adopted hybrid work culture that followed has accelerated the digital shift in the talent acquisition scene. As a result, machine learning and AI recruitment tools are truly revolutionising the talent acquisition process, and it's never been easier to spot quality candidates and make trusted hiring decisions during the recruitment process.

So what exactly is the key to managing high volumes of candidates? How can hiring at scale be made easy?

8 min read

The Big Five & the MBTI Personality Test: What’s the Difference?

By Briah on Feb 17, 2022 4:03:16 PM

Obviously, every person has a unique personality that develops and changes over the years. It’s the reason why you might instantly become best friends with some people, while with others you never quite feel like you’re on the same wavelength.

Topics: Science Artificial Intelligence AI Video Recruiting Pre-Employment Testing
5 min read

How to Build a Successful L&D (Learning and Development) Strategy to Grow Your Company

By Briah on Feb 4, 2022 2:58:17 PM

The most important thing HR can give an employer is a company that wins in the marketplace. But what exactly are the learning and development strategies that help to do this? 

Topics: Artificial Intelligence AI Video Recruiting
6 min read

What Role can AI Play in Building a Successful Learning & Development (L&D) Strategy?

By Briah on Jan 25, 2022 10:32:28 AM

“What is the return on learning?” “How effective are our learning programmes?” These are just some of the questions that have continued to circulate in the minds of HR professionals over the years. After all, almost every organisation trains its workforce, often spending large sums doing so. But what is the use if you can’t measure whether it’s improving business performance? 

Topics: Artificial Intelligence AI Video Recruiting Organizational Culture
4 min read

Talent Management Trends to Stay Ahead in 2022

By Briah on Dec 24, 2021 12:23:45 PM

The future of work has arrived ahead of schedule – in 2021 we started to realise that the pandemic normal, that 2020 threw at us, was indeed not a temporary shift. As Europe heads into its fourth wave of the Covid-19 pandemic, the world is learning that the sudden and extraordinary circumstances are, in fact, here to last. 

Topics: Artificial Intelligence AI Video Recruiting Organizational Culture
4 min read

Organisational Culture: What Has 2021 Taught Us?

By Briah on Nov 25, 2021 4:41:42 PM

Indeed, 2020 threw us a curveball. New workplace norms had to be hurriedly adopted, and this, in turn, taught all of us many lessons about how to maintain an engaged workforce from distance, and what this meant for company culture.

Topics: Artificial Intelligence AI Video Recruiting
6 min read

What is Your Learning Style & Why Does it Matter?

By Briah on Nov 21, 2021 2:07:58 PM

Picture this - you’re back in your high school classroom, and the four bleached walls in the classroom seem to close in as you as you stare at the ticking clock on the wall, waiting for the last 5 minutes to pass over. By this point, the teachers voice is a distant echo. 

7 min read

4 Reasons Why Video is Essential for Talent Management in 2022

By Briah on Nov 15, 2021 10:53:20 AM

Take a moment to think - when was the last time you watched a YouTube video,  Netflix show, or a TikTok video? Chances are high that your answer fell within the last 24 hours, right? With 62% of the U.S. population watching YouTube videos at least daily, it's fair to say that videos have become an integral part of our everyday lives. 

Topics: Artificial Intelligence AI Video Recruiting
6 min read

"From Coffee Seller to Tech Sales Expert": Top Talent Doesn’t Always Lie Where You’d Expect

By Briah on Nov 5, 2021 7:47:12 AM

Finding the right talent for a job is no easy task, especially when you don’t know what the talent you are looking for is.

Topics: Science Artificial Intelligence
8 min read

How to Train Different Learning Styles Using AI

By Briah on Nov 2, 2021 1:38:19 PM

In the words of Jack Welsh, ex-chairman and CEO of General Electric, “an organisation’s ability to learn, and translate that learning into action rapidly is the ultimate competitive advantage”

Topics: Artificial Intelligence AI Video Recruiting Diversity
7 min read

The 5 Facets of Every Organization with Strong Company Culture

By Briah on Sep 27, 2021 5:08:32 PM

Why is culture so important to a business? AirBnB co-founder and CEO Brian Chesky puts it simply -the stronger the culture, the less corporate process a company needs.

Topics: Organizational Culture
6 min read

Companies with Exceptional Company Cultures

By Briah on Sep 24, 2021 12:52:27 PM

All firms have corporate cultures. The difference is, that some firms have cultures which are significantly stronger than others, that have the potential of exerting a powerful effect, not only for the employees, but on the overall performance of a company. Research has highlighted that the influence of a powerful company culture may be even greater for a company's success than other factors such as strategy, organisational structure, and management systems.

Topics: Artificial Intelligence Organizational Culture
5 min read

How Artificial Intelligence Helps Fight Employee Burnout

By Briah on Sep 16, 2021 12:01:29 PM

Have you ever heard of someone who started a new job full of enthusiasm and excitement, until the smoke settled and the enthusiasm cooled down, and they eventually found themselves dragging themselves to work every morning? Or maybe you yourself have felt like you weren't using your full potential on a job, and were left feeling ineffective and unmotivated as an employee

Topics: Science Artificial Intelligence
6 min read

How AI Can Help Build Company Culture

By Briah on Sep 14, 2021 10:49:07 PM

Company culture has arguably always been an important factor for businesses to thrive. Employee retention, company image and identity are just a few of the benefits of having a strong company culture.

Topics: Artificial Intelligence Candidate Experience Organizational Culture
8 min read

Why Small Businesses Need to Level Up Their Recruitment Process

By Briah on Sep 7, 2021 10:22:07 PM

Owning a small businesses is certainly no easy job - especially amidst a global pandemic.

Topics: Science Artificial Intelligence AI Video Recruiting Candidate Experience
7 min read

Talent Acquisition in 2021: the Ultimate Guide for HR Professionals

By Briah on Aug 31, 2021 5:10:24 PM

2020 sure threw a curveball at us, and the abrupt closure of workplaces meant businesses had to reevaluate their talent acquisition process and recruiting strategies as we headed into 2021. Storefronts went dark, and exisiting trends in remote work, as well as the use of artificial intelligence for talent acquisition accelerated.

As this new era of remote work changed the way our 'normal' work day looks, HR professionals needed to rethink their exisiting talent acquisition strategy in order to keep pace with the emerging trends, as the pandemic changed the paying field for recruiters.

Topics: Artificial Intelligence AI Video Recruiting Diversity Pre-Employment Testing Candidate Experience

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