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Anna Schosser20.03.20238 min read

What is a Behavioral Intelligence Platform?

What is a Behavioral Intelligence Platform?

In today's fast-paced and ever-changing business world, companies need to stay ahead of the curve to remain competitive and on top of their game.

Understanding and utilizing intelligence is a factor, in todays business landscape.. What exactly does intelligence entail and how can organizations make the most of it? That's where behavioral intelligence platforms come into play.

In our interconnected world businesses are constantly amassing amounts of data on their customers, employees and operations. However merely collecting this data is insufficient to achieve success. To truly gain an advantage companies must extract insights and intelligence from the information they gather.

Keep reading to stay fully informed, about all the nuances surrounding an intelligence platform!

What's in this post?

  1. What is a behavioral intelligence platform? 
  2. Why should you use a behavioral intelligence platform?
  3. How do you use a behavioral intelligence platform? 
  4. Why is behavioral intelligence important? 
  5. Benefits of behavioral intelligence platform  


What is a behavior intelligence platform? 

A behavioral intelligence platform refers to a software tool or system that utilizes intelligence (AI). Machine learning algorithms to analyze and interpret user behavior data from various sources, including websites, mobile apps, social media platforms and other digital channels. The platform is capable of collecting amounts of data, on user behavior such as clicks, views, time spent and actions performed. This data is then utilized to provide insights and predictions about user behavior patterns and trends.

The primary objective of an intelligence platform is to assist businesses and organizations in gaining an understanding of their customers by offering insights into their preferences and behaviors. By doing this information can be leveraged to optimize marketing strategies enhance user experiences increase customer engagement and retention rates. Moreover the behavioral intelligence platform can also help identify issues or challenges that may impact user behavior proactively. Ultimately the aim is to utilize data in order to drive positive business outcomes and achieve success, in the digital realm.

Why should you use a behavioral intelligence platform? 

As a recruiter, implementing a behavioral intelligence platform into the recruitment process can be highly beneficial in several different ways. Here are some of the reasons why: 

  • Improved Candidate Matching: A behavioral intelligence platform can help recruiters better match candidates to job openings based on their behavioral patterns and preferences. By analyzing a candidate's online behavior and interactions, a recruiter can get a better understanding of their skills, interests, and work style. This information can be used to find the best fit for a particular role, resulting in improved retention rates and reduced hiring costs.
  • Increased Diversity and Inclusion: Behavioral intelligence platforms can help recruiters identify and eliminate unconscious biases in their hiring process by providing data-driven insights on candidate behavior. By focusing on behavior rather than demographic data, recruiters can make more objective and inclusive hiring decisions. This can help increase diversity in the workforce, resulting in a more innovative and productive team.
  • Enhance Candidate Experience: A behavioral intelligence platform can help recruiters create a better candidate experience by providing personalized recommendations and communication based on a candidate's behavior. By tracking a candidate's online interactions, recruiters can tailor their messaging to the candidate's interests and preferences, resulting in a more engaging and positive experience.
  • Reduced Time-to-Hire: A behavioral intelligence platform can help recruiters streamline their hiring process by automating tasks and providing data-driven insights. By eliminating manual tasks and focusing on data-driven decision-making, recruiters can reduce the time it takes to fill a position, resulting in increased productivity and efficiency.
  • Improved Employee Branding: A behavioral intelligence platform can help recruiters improve their employer brand by providing insights into candidate behavior and preferences. By understanding what candidates are looking for in an employer, recruiters can tailor their messaging and branding to better attract top talent. This can help improve the overall reputation and perception of the company, resulting in increased applicant volume and quality.

How do you use a behavioral intelligence platform?

There are a multitude of ways to utilize behavioral intelligence platforms. Let's take a closer look at three specific ways how recruiters can make the best of it. 

Candidate sourcing: 

The initial stage of any hiring process involves sourcing candidates. Recruiters can utilize intelligence platforms to identify candidates by examining their online behavior, including their social media engagement and digital presence. This data assists in creating a understanding of a candidates interests, preferences and personality characteristics.

Candidate assessment:

Once a recruiter has found a candidate the following step involves evaluating their suitability for the position. Behavioral intelligence platforms come into play here assisting recruiters in assessing a candidates skills, experience and compatibility, with the company culture. By analyzing their behavior communication style and personality traits these platforms enable recruiters to make informed decisions regarding hiring and minimize the chances of making a choice.

Talent pool management:

Behavioral intelligence platforms can also function as tools for recruiters to effectively manage their talent pool. By monitoring and analyzing the behavior and preferences of candidates over a period of time recruiters can pinpoint performers. Establish meaningful connections, with them. This approach allows recruiters to maintain an edge by ensuring they have a pool of candidates ready to fill new positions when they arise.

Retorio behavioral intelligence platform culture fit screening of female candidate

Why is behavioral intelligence important? 

Recruiters seek candidates who not have the technical skills but also exhibit a high degree of behavioral intelligence. Recent research suggests that behavioral intelligence holds significance, as IQ and technical abilities in terms of job performance.

However what exactly is intelligence. Why do recruiters place such importance on it?

Behavioral intelligence, or emotional intelligence, refers to the ability to recognize, understand and manage one's own emotions and those of others. This includes being able to communicate effectively, build relationships and handle challenging situations with ease. Essentially, it is the ability to navigate the complex social interactions that are a part of every workplace. 

If you want to learn a little bit more about what behavior intelligence is, in much more detail - click here

However when it comes to recruiting behavioral smarts play a role, for reasons. Firstly they assist recruiters in identifying candidates who not possess expertise in their field but also possess the interpersonal skills necessary to thrive in a collaborative setting. This is especially significant in industries where teamwork and collaboration're vital for success.

Secondly behavioral intelligence holds importance because it enables recruiters to evaluate a candidates potential for growth and development. Candidates with intelligence levels tend to be adaptable, resilient and adept at learning from their mistakes. As a result they become assets to any organization.

Lastly behavioral intelligence is valuable, for recruiters as it contributes to the creation of a work environment. Intelligent candidates are better equipped to handle conflicts build relationships and inspire others to reach their full potential. This fosters a work culture that can enhance productivity and boost employee retention rates.

Benefits of behavioral intelligence platform  

As a state of the art technology, in the realm of intelligence this innovative platform offers recruiters a wealth of insights and advantages to enhance their recruitment process. Lets delve into some benefits that a behavioral intelligence platform can offer; 💡

Increased Efficiency

With the help of a behavioral intelligence platform, recruiters can quickly and efficiently identify the best-fit candidates for a particular job opening. The platform analyzes data such as resumes, social media profiles, and other relevant information to identify the most qualified candidates, streamlining the recruitment process and saving time and effort.

More Objective Decision Making

One of the most significant benefits of a behavioral intelligence platform is that it can help to eliminate bias in the recruitment process. By analyzing data and using algorithms to make decisions, the platform can remove any personal biases that may exist among recruiters and ensure that the best candidates are chosen based on their qualifications and experience.

Improved Candidate Experience

A behavioral intelligence platform can also help to improve the overall candidate experience. By providing insights into candidate preferences and behaviors, recruiters can tailor their recruitment strategies to better meet the needs of individual candidates. This can help to create a more positive experience for candidates, leading to higher levels of engagement and retention.

Better Hiring Outcomes 

Ultimately, the goal of any recruitment process is to find the best candidate for the job. A behavioral intelligence platform can help to achieve this goal by providing recruiters with data-driven insights that can inform their decision-making process. By making more informed decisions, recruiters can increase the likelihood of hiring the right candidate and achieving better hiring outcomes.


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1. How does a behavioral intelligence platform differ from traditional recruitment methods? 

Conventional methods of recruitment often involve procedures, like reviewing resumes and reaching out to candidates which can take up a lot of time and may not be very efficient. On the hand a behavioral intelligence platform automates many of these tasks freeing up recruiters to concentrate on more important responsibilities like building relationships, with candidates and making informed decisions.


2. How can you integrate Retorio's behavioral intelligence platform into your recruitment process? 

Incorporating a link, to Retorios platform in your job postings or application process is a way to enhance the candidate experience. By allowing candidates to take the assessment as part of their application process it becomes their step towards getting considered.

Retorios platform can also be utilized for candidate comparison. Once candidates complete the video interview on Retorio you gain insights into how their results align with your desired profile in terms of personality and behavior. This enables you to make decisions when it comes to hiring.

Furthermore companies can leverage Retorios assessment tool to identify areas where employees can improve and provide them with tailored training or coaching opportunities. This allows for targeted skill development and growth, within the organization.

3. Is behavioral intelligence the same as emotional intelligence? 

Although there are similarities, between intelligence and emotional intelligence they are concepts. Behavioral intelligence primarily concerns predicting behavior through cues while emotional intelligence revolves around comprehending and effectively handling emotions. Both types of intelligence hold significance, in professional relationships; however they require skill sets and capabilities.



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