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Blog Team 20.11.2019 13 min read

What is Values-based recruitment?

Value-based hiring or recruitment is not a new approach in the talent acquisition world. ...
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Blog Team 14.10.2019 5 min read

Your How-To in a Game-Changing Diversity and Inclusion Strategic Plan

Influenced by the emerging conversations of exclusion and injustice within society as a ...
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Blog Team 05.08.2019 5 min read

What Tool Is Best for an Online Psychometric Test?

Eighty percent of US Fortune 500 companies and over 75% of the Times Top 100 companies in ...
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Blog Team 29.07.2019 5 min read

Face, Emotion, And Body Pose Recognition For Sales Recruitment With AI

The value of salespeople for your company is obvious; as they are responsible for sales, ...
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Blog Team 17.07.2019 5 min read

Looking for the Best Psychometric Test Online? Meet Retorio.

Traditional candidate testing just doesn’t cut it anymore. Humans form first impressions ...
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Blog Team 08.07.2019 3 min read

How to Screen Job Applicants Faster Using Artificial Intelligence

Thousands of candidates may apply for a single job. The number of applications received ...
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Blog Team 02.07.2019 7 min read

Essential Advice for a Flawless Job Candidate Assessment

A more thorough candidate assessment process which takes less time. Impossible, right? ...
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Blog Team 25.06.2019 3 min read

Soft Skills Assessment Test with AI Recruiting Software

Soft skills are extremely important and will become increasingly relevant as more and ...
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Blog Team 18.06.2019 5 min read

Hiring Salespeople: Top 5 Questions to Ask in a Sales Interview

An interview is more than the succession of questions and answers between a candidate and ...
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Blog Team 12.06.2019 3 min read

Traditional Recruiting vs. AI Recruiting

An increasingly competitive landscape for recruiting talented employees requires the ...
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Blog Team 01.04.2019 3 min read

Employee Turnover Calculator: Why Companies Should Check ROI

A sales person who quits your company will not only leave an emotional gap in your ...
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Blog Team 26.03.2019 4 min read

Artificial Intelligence (AI): How Recruiters Can Identify Talent Faster?

Admit it, sifting through an overwhelming number of CVs is not fun. It’s also often a ...
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Blog Team 17.02.2019 6 min read

AI Becomes the Driving Force in Many Industries

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is no longer just present in science fiction but is the ...
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Blog Team 15.02.2019 5 min read

Flexible, Dynamic, and Tailored: How AI Transforms Sales Training

Flowers are in bloom and it’s time for your company to do some spring cleaning—get rid of ...
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Blog Team 13.02.2019 1 min read

HumanAI: All about Retorio’s AI-based Communication Training

A smile is worth a thousand words Everyday, we use facial expressions, gesture, body ...
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