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Retorio Is On ARTE TV


Retorio was visited by Xenius to explore the future of work. Watch the video on ARTE TV with Retorio founder Dr. Christoph Hohenberger.


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Why AI is the Secret Weapon for Learning and Development (L&D)

While the world witnesses a digital revolution, and not to mention, a pandemic that has changed the global working...

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The Great Resignation: How AI Can Help Reduce Employee Churn

It’s been two and a half years since Covid-19 has shifted the way in which humans operate and maneuver in their daily...

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AI-Tech Events: Upcoming in May 2022

After an 18 month interlude of in-person events action, Retorio’s event pipeline is returning to its pre-pandemic glory...

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Retorio Powers Up Sales Expert, RW Trainings


Munich, 28.09.2020 

Retorio Powers up Sales Expert, RW Trainings

"This is the future of modern employee management,"...