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Retorio in media


Retorio Is On ARTE TV


Retorio was visited by Xenius to explore the future of work. Watch the video on ARTE TV with Retorio founder Dr. Christoph Hohenberger.


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Retorio Powers Up Sales Expert, RW Trainings


Munich, 28.09.2020 

Retorio Powers up Sales Expert, RW Trainings

"This is the future of modern employee management,"...

20 min read

HR is Hitting TikTok: Follow These Breakout Stars

TikTok stars and Instagram Influencers are not only making up dances to hit songs or posting about their recent...

10 min read

How to Build Your Personal Brand as a Manager

You may be a hiring manager dispensing a pre-employment assessment during 9-5; you may be a junior level data analyst...

9 min read

If You’re Looking to Understand the New Workplace, Watch These Films

With the impact of COVID-19 ubiquitous in the world of work, aren’t we all wondering what else can be different in the...