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Retorio What is a video interview platform definition and tips for success woman smiling into laptop explaining
Anna Schosser02.01.20235 min read

What Is a Video Interview Platform? Definition and Tips For Success

A video Interview platform is revolutionizing the way recruiters hire new employees. By allowing you to conduct video job interviews remotely, you can save time and money by reducing the need for physical interviews. You can also quickly assess a candidate’s qualifications, as they can demonstrate their skills and qualifications through video.

What more? A video recruitment platform can also help you reach a wider pool of applicants, as you can easily connect with candidates from all over the world. You can read more about why you should start building your candidate pool now here

Finally, a video interview platform can help you make faster and more informed hiring decisions, as you can easily compare applicants side-by-side and make better-informed decisions.

Statistics have shown that there has been a 67% increase in the use of video interviews from 2020-2021, and 79% of employes are now conducting video interviews regularly. 

It's not hard to see that video interviews are the future of the hiring process. Getting to know more about video interview platforms and how you can find the right one for your company is essential to building up your dream team as efficiently as possible. 

What's In This Post?

1. What is a video interview platform?

2. How Does a Video Interview Platform Work?

3. How Can I Find The Right Video Interview Platform For my Company?

4. Benefits of Using a Video Interview Platform 

What is a Video Interview Platform?

A video interview platform is a tool, for companies across industries to simplify the traditional job interview process. It serves as a one way screening platform allowing recruiters to receive recorded responses from applicants and review them at their convenience. 

The main advantage of using a video interview platform is that it helps recruiters and hiring managers efficiently identify candidates for job openings within a short timeframe while also providing applicants with an engaging and positive experience. Additionally the flexibility of conducting video interviews anywhere long as there is access to digital devices, like smartphones, laptops or tablets adds to its convenience.

How Does a Video Interview Platform Work?

A video interview platform allows candidates to participate using any device equipped with a camera and microphone. It assesses candidates based on their personality traits and qualifications ensuring they align with the job requirements and company culture.

Moreover the video interview platform compares a candidates personality to the profile sought by the company providing recruiters with insights, on how they match. This way it not focuses on skillsets. Also emphasizes a candidates expression and personality.

Retorios behavioral intelligence platform employs the recognized Big 5 Personality assessment (Conscientiousness, Agreeableness, Neuroticism, Extraversion and Openness) to evaluate each candidate. By answering questions during the assessment process candidates strengths, weaknesses and what motivates them to perform at their best are revealed.
These insights provide recruiters with information enabling them to develop an understanding of candidates and assess their suitability, for the teams cultural dynamics.

Retorio video interview platform woman smiling into the camera recording herself

How Can I Find The Right Video Interview Platform For my Company?

Choosing the video interview platform, for your company is a decision. It's important to find a platform that's easily accessible for both recruiters and candidates. Additionally it should have screening methods in place to provide insights, into candidates beyond their impressive skills. Here are some key features to consider when searching for your video interview platform;

  • It is easily accessible across different device types.
  • Easy integration and usability: should be user friendly and easy for recruiters to integrate into their daily operations. 
  • Prioritzes the candidate's personality over their CV. 
  • Includes a follow-up with candidates and sharing with hiring managers.
  • Provides the candidates with a positive, and seamless experience. 

Benefits of Using a Video Interview Platform

Using a video interview platform provides advantages for businesses regardless of their size. One notable benefit is the cost savings associated with it. By opting for video interviews of, in person meetings businesses can significantly cut down on expenses while still attracting qualified candidates.

Moreover video interview platforms offer an approach to candidate assessments. Businesses can swiftly evaluate a candidates skills and abilities in a fraction of the time compared to interviews. Additionally these platforms offer the added convenience of conducting interviews from any location.

Overall video interview platforms are gaining popularity as they provide benefits, to businesses when it comes to interviewing candidates.

Cost Savings

Video interviews are far less expensive than traditional in-person interviews, allowing businesses to save money while still obtaining quality candidates.


Video interview platforms offer a more efficient way to conduct interviews, as businesses can quickly assess a candidate’s competency in a fraction of the time.  You can also ensure that all applicants receive the same level of attention and are assessed in the same way


Video interview platforms also offer the added benefit of convenience as businesses can conduct interviews remotely from any location.

Demonstration of skills

Video interview platforms allows for candidates to easily present their skills, qualifications and personality through video. Additionally, the platform can help you reach a wider pool of applicants, as you can easily connect with candidates from all over the world.

Better informed decisions

With a video recruitment platform, you can easily compare applicants side-by-side and make better-informed decisions. You can also get a better sense of a candidate’s personality and their ability to communicate effectively, which can help you make the right hiring decisions.


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1. Why should recruiters use a video interview platform?

Utilizing a video interview platform simplifies. Enhances the recruitment process, for recruiters. It enables them to evaluate and assess high performing candidates within a short span of time while also gaining valuable insights into their personality, behavior and work habits. This deeper understanding ensures long term success and motivation. Moreover it saves recruiters time, energy and effort that can be redirected towards building connections with candidates, on a more personal level.


2. How does Retorio's video interview work?

Retorios video interview presents candidates with questions that they should respond to in order for recruiters to receive an analysis.

Retorio utilizes intelligence (AI) technology to enhance intuition, through video. This technology is based on known and extensively researched personality scales the Big5 Personality model, which has demonstrated its reliability as a predictor of both personality traits and job performance.

To determine a predicted perceived personality Retorios AI platform quantifies participants behavior during the assessment including their expressions, gestures, language usage and voice. This information is then used to generate a prediction of how candidates and their behavior might be perceived by a group of individuals and whether they align with your desired target profile.

Feel free to watch the video for insights, into Retorios behavioral intelligence platform.





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