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Blog Team26.03.20194 min read

Artificial Intelligence (AI): How Recruiters Can Identify Talent Faster?

Admit it, sifting through an overwhelming number of CVs is not fun. It’s also often a waste of time considering that most applicants do not fit job requirements. You already have enough on your plate. The lengthy hiring process negatively affects candidates too—if waiting a long time, potential candidates may be deterred from an open position and into that of a competitor’s.

Well, nowadays, you’re in luck. Artificial intelligence exists to help recruiters in all stages of the recruiting process. And don’t worry—AI will never replace you. In fact, it can’t do your whole job; but it can help you make a very informed (and quick!) hiring decision.

AI can create soft skills and personality profiles in seconds to help you choose the best candidate. 

How Artificial Intelligence Helps in Recruiting

These are the main ways AI helps in the recruitment process:

  • Sources top candidates from all over the web
  • Screens through CVs
  • Categorizes and ranks applicants for hiring fit
  • Creates soft skill and personality trait assessments instantly

Over 69% of recruiters agree that AI and big data result in more qualified candidates. In today’s competitive recruiting environment, you need to embrace technology and work with it; otherwise, you might get left behind.

From Sourcing...

Through information that people share online (e.g., CVs, social media posts, searches, etc.), AI can identify passive and active candidates who match your hiring profile, and even how likely they are interested in a new job. And there’s a good chance that they will want to hear from you! 73% of global professionals are passive candidates willing to accept a better job offer.

… to Instant Psychometric Evaluations

Slight facial movements, the dilation of pupils, and changes in the tone of voice all have significance. Although a person might not be able to pick up on these small cues, with the introduction of machine learning and natural language processing (NLP) models, technology can easily identify and gather this information.

Retorio’s AI tool analyzes candidates’ facial expressions, language, voice, and gestures from recorded candidate videos to create a soft-skill and personality profile within seconds. Custom soft-skill profiles for each vacancy can be created in order to find best-suited candidates for open roles. These soft skills are just as or even more important to job success than formal qualifications and technical skills. Well-matched candidates are also likely to become happier employees and have less turnover for the company.

Behavioral, cognitive or skill-based assessments of candidates all contribute to making a better hiring decision. The more information, the better. Artificial intelligence can provide these assessments objectively and almost instantly, saving money for the company and time for recruiters.

The Time for Your HR Department to Adopt AI is Now

Many companies have already started to use AI in order to save on costs and time. There is a clear benefit too—companies that recruit with AI are more successful.

Those who use AI to facilitate recruitment processes have an advantage in that they can quickly and efficiently find quality candidates, meaning you can spend more time on crucial tasks such as personalized contact with candidates and determining company culture fit. While AI tools such as Retorio can be used as a guide to help recruiters make more intelligent and quicker hiring decisions, don’t worry that technology will entirely take over; humans are still much better at making complex decisions such as final candidate hiring.

Instead, consider AI as a knowledgeable peer who can ease the recruitment process for you and make processes more efficient. Try Retorio out for free to start identifying talent faster and help you make the best hiring decision.


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